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SARIMANOK – Creating accessible legal platforms for marginalized communities



Marginalized and underrepresented sectors of the Philippines face the lack of access to lawyers and legal counsels in their areas⁠⁠⁠—particularly lawyers and legal counsels who can give them inclusive legal assistance at an affordable price. 


Limitless Lab was tapped by The Asia Foundation and Mindanao State University – College of Law to design an easy-to-use, reliable, and free online legal clinic website for MSU’s community stakeholders to access whenever they are in need of free legal assistance. The Sarimanok Virtual Law Clinic is a virtual law program that designs and implements innovative projects to advance the legal literacy and access to justice of individuals and marginalized communities. 


Based on Sarimanok, the legendary bird which is part of Maranao culture, the Sarimanok Virtual Law Clinic aims to help MSU’s stakeholder communities fly high towards justice.



Limitless Lab conducted in-depth research and empathy work for Sarimanok’s target users – people who are from marginalized communities, law students, and lawyers.

After conducting empathy work, the team also designed the site’s information architecture, design systems, and wireframes. 

The website (www.sarimanoklawclinic.com) was handed over to MSU last December 10, 2020. The website has an accessible booking feature and dashboard for users.

Since the turnover, the Sarimanok Virtual Law Clinic has been used by MSU to connect with their community stakeholders as well as post news and updates regarding the College of Law.

There were certainly hurdles that Limitless Lab, The Asia Foundation, and Mindanao State University – College of Law faced while co-creating a project during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the experience led to a fruitful result, which proved that even a pandemic cannot stop design thinking from producing the best outputs.