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Gamified design thinking for corporate CX transformation


The Philippine National Bank (PNB) is one of the largest banks in the Philippines, with more than 700 branches and 5,000 employees nationwide. The financial institution understands the need to innovate and adapt to changing times to provide excellent customer experience.

In partnership with StartupPH Training, Limitless Lab worked with PNB for its first-ever company-wide innovation program called PNB Sprint: Mindful CX Transformation. The program aims to jumpstart the culture of innovation in the financial corporation.


Together with StartupPH Training, we designed a two-day gamified learning experience for PNB employees using a scavenger hunt mobile app. Filled with fun games, clues, riddles, and QR codes, the PNB Sprint imparted innovation mindsets and methodologies to the participants in a unique way. The experience generated a total of 15 prototyped ideas created by PNB employees, which were then showcased to the senior leadership of the bank.


Gamification is a powerful strategy for engaging employees. According to Pulse Learning, gamification of corporate training activities creates an up to 60% increase in learner engagement and up to 43% enhancement in employee productivity.

The PNB Innovation Sprint enabled creative problem solving and mindset shifts among the participants. Empathy and radical collaboration are some of the top key values and learnings that the participants said they learned at the event.


Executive support and sponsorship is a key ingredient for corporate innovation success. Top-level leaders of PNB attended the event and gave their inspiring messages on the importance of new ideas and an innovative culture for the future of bank.

In his keynote message, PNB President and CEO Wick Veloso addressed the employees of the bank, “In your hands lies the future of the Philippine National Bank. Use your wild imagination. Think of all potential changes that will happen in this world and adjust and make PNB the bank of the future.”


Top 6 customer experience innovation ideas emerged from the teams. Led by Startup PH Training, the winning teams will undergo a series of mentoring, idea validation sessions, and design sprints as part of the PNB Innovation Program.

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