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Gearing up government trainers to be design thinking facilitators


How might we empower Philippine government trainers to be design thinking facilitators?

We were tapped by the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) to conduct a 2-day Design Thinking Train the Trainers’ workshop for their team members at the newly founded DAP InnoLab.


During the 2-day experiential workshop, the trainer participants gained knowledge on the fundamentals and principles of design thinking. We also tackled the 10 Types of Innovation and how they can apply it in the public sector context in the Philippines.

The How Might We question for the 2-day session was “How might we design more efficient and effective DAP programs?”

The participants conducted their empathy work and created their journey maps. They also came up with new ways to look at the design challenge at hand.

Within a short amount of time, the participants were able to come up with creative solutions to address the organizational challenge of DAP. The solutions ideated by the participants included a career development program for DAP employees, a profiling mechanism for the needs of DAP clients, and a physical space for creative collaboration at DAP.

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