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Curating LGU innovations in the time of COVID-19



LGUs play a critical role in our fight against COVID-19. To enable them to respond better and faster to the needs of their localities, they should be given access to updated, accurate, and easy-to-digest information.

The portal was primarily conceptualized when The Asia Foundation got an insight that many local government units (LGUs) are having difficulties catching up with the stream of announcements and issuances from the national government.

With this, we were tapped by The Asia Foundation for the user experience redesign of LGU vs COVID PH, an information portal that aims to equip local government officials and staff with updates on COVID-19.

The site also contains COVID-19 related innovations and best practices that local governments can replicate.



We conducted in-depth research and empathy work for the target users of the platform – local government officials, specifically local chief executives.

After conducting our empathy work, the team also redesigned the site’s information architecture and content strategy.

Given the urgency of the situation, the Limitless team created the design strategy, new design systems, and wireframes for the platform in less than 3 days.

The wireframes were then developed by the team into a working prototype which was launched on April 17.

We also made sure that the portal is fast and mobile responsive so that local chief executives and barangay officials can access it even in areas with limited internet connection.

As of April 22, 4,000 original users have already accessed the portal. The Department of the Interior and Local Government has also endorsed and promoted the site to LGUs.