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B612 Design is now

Limitless Lab

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, B612 Design is now Limitless Lab..

design thinking

social innovation


New name,
same values

In September 2017, B612 Design was founded by Joie Cruz with a vision of building a design agency that aims to create social impact through design. Since then, the company has trained thousands of people on innovation and design. It has also co-created innovations with different companies and organizations.

Inspired by the book The Little Prince, “B612” for us signifies people’s innate creativity, intuition, and sense of wonder.

Despite the profound meaning behind “B612”, we realized it has to evolve into a new brand that more people can resonate with. Hence, Limitless Lab was born.

Limitless Lab continues to embody the same core values that B612 Design was founded upon: optimism, curiosity, creativity, passion, integrity, and excellence.

At Limitless Lab, we aim to create positive impact, possibilities, and new opportunities.

Our New Visual Identity

Design thinking as the intersection between People, Business, and Technology

Two letter Ls representing Limitless Lab

Infinite loop

Beyond a

design agency

We don’t just have a new name. We are going beyond what we initially set out to do.

As the company grew since 2017, the founder and co-founders realized that for the company to make a bigger social impact, it has to transcend the typical agency model.

Limitless Lab should grow into a community of designers and design thinkers who share the same passion for human-centered innovation and social change.

We now have four pillars under Limitless Lab: Limitless Capabilities, Limitless Co-creations, Limitless Communities, and Limitless Initiatives.

Our Four Pillars

Train people, transform mindsets,
and facilitate innovation

Create or improve products, services, experiences,
and campaigns with our partner clients

Spark community empowerment
and local social innovation projects

Venture into our own initiatives
that make an impact in society

Design a better tomorrow with us