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Design thinking
meets social innovation

We are a community of designers and design thinkers

Our mission is to make a difference in society through
human-centered innovation.

We are Limitless Lab

Limitless Lab, formerly B612 Design, is a design thinking and social innovation agency that helps people to see possibilities, innovate, and challenge the status quo using design.

From brand innovation to designing new products, services, and campaigns, we help progressive organizations amplify their impact.

The future

we want to create

We have a clear and detailed picture of the future that we want to design. Our Vivid Vision guides us in everything we do, every project we work on, and every initiative we launch.

Want to know if you can be part of our achieving our vision? Take a look and let us know your thoughts!

Our company culture

We love making a difference through our work, but we also love to have fun. Take a look at our work culture.

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